Hacienda de la Paz: Entertain like a King

Real Estate

The excitement of listing the 36th largest estate in the US hasn't gone away.  Forbes Corrales Coastal Properties of Coldwell Banker in Manhattan Beach has recently listed 1 Buggy Whip Dr, Rolling Hills, CA (co-listed with Jade Mills Estates).  Also known as Hacienda de la Paz, this estate took an impressive 17 years to build, sourcing hard to come by materials and artisans from around the globe.  Boasting several kitchens and catering facilities, to a grand ballroom and two tennis courts, this is a home that was meant for entertaining.  


17-36-ballroom party nite


9-10-outdoor clay tennis court


Learn more about how the owner and his fiancé entertain in this Southbay magazine article.

To view the Hacienda de la Paz listing or get more details about the property, click here.