Great Kitchens

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Most American's agree that owning a home is a sign of accomplishment.  When it comes to Millennials, we know that a lot of them are still renting, rather than buying, however, according to Money, Millennials do want to own a home and some even plan to "own multiple homes throughout their lifetimes".  They are beginning to realize that owning is more affordable than renting in the long run.

So other than smart homes with the latest technology and a minimalist look, what do Millennials want in a home?  Well, let's start with a great kitchen.  The latest One Cool Thing from C.A.R. shows Millennials are spending more time in the kitchen than any other generation.



Here are some beautiful kitchens from just a few of our current listings.  Whether a Millennial or Gen Y, I can help to find you your ideal kitchen and home.